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How to earn points ?

10 Points :
1- Confirm your mobile if not already confirmed

5 Points :

1- Registeration by Form , Facebook or Google plus.

2- Email confirmation for those who registered by Form or Twitter

3- Date completion for user who registered by any Social network .

4- Email links :
We will send Emails to you with a coded link inside .. Clicking the link will add more points to your account

5- SMS Messages :
SMS will be sent to your mobile no. with a code inside , a link to a page where you can enter the code and earn some points .

notice : neither Emails nor SMS will be sent unles you confirm your email and mobile no.

6- Questions :
Every day put a quiz that will popup for only 30 mins. , if you want to take the chance to ansewer the question you have to visit the site periodicaly.

3 Points :
a daily Visit to one of these pages ( Help center - my sites - trash or settings )

1 Point :
1- Visit / hour to public fav. :
You can earn 1 point by visiting the public fav. evey hour

2- Visit / hour to your favs :
You can earn 1 point by visiting your favs page. evey hour

3- Comment site page:
You can earn 1 point by commenting on site page with maximum 3 times per day

Example for Visit/hour :

if you visit public fav. at 3:30 you will earn a point

if you come again in 4:00 you will not earn any points because an hour has not yet completed

if you come again in 4:34 you will earn a point

next point could be earned after 5:34